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Now testing ... one minute iPhone 6 camera sample ... the good stuff is on the way soon.  For experimental blue sky iPhone camera cinematographic limits try “Mojo”

Mojo means “Mobile Journalism”. Fast and furious we shoot on iPhones. It is indeed model for the future. Traditional high-end gear can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars vs few hundred or so dollars for mobile phone. Sure high-end gear still produces better quality. No argument here. But! Considering the difference between $1000 dollars and $100 000 dollars, that’s huge. But the quality between high-end gear and iPhone is very small in comparison, especially when used in the hands of professionals with cinematographic experience. The best thing about this is that it will inspire and encourage anyone with a desire to take the opportunity to become freelance mobile journalist. It will keep the news reporting more honest, interesting, and genuine.

Mojo Revue .com will be entirely shot on iPhones. By revue we mean short sketches of anything
interesting, good and useful, “Life was meant to be easy “ tips for life we might encounter while on the move here and anywhere. We welcome to hear from anyone, with interesting story to tell or genuine good product ,business or service to promote. We will most certainly to consider it. Happy Mojo-ing everyone and good luck.